#AuthorBootCamp Takeaways

T'is the season for writer conferences! So much great information and tips being shared, and I don't even have to leave my house. Pretty awesome, I think you'll agree.

#authorbootcamp is an event organised through http://www.bytethebook.com/ who have the aim of "helping publishers and authors make connections in the digital age". 

Whilst I couldn't be in London for the in-person event I did have fun following along on Twitter. Here's a few takeaways for the event:

If you liked this event, be sure to check out the upcoming Promo Day event on Saturday 30th May. Promo Day is an annual online event for people in the publishing industry dedicated to promoting, networking, and learning. This years event takes place on Saturday 30th May and registration is completely free. Just go to www.PromoDay.info and click on "Register Now".

The day will be packed full of free webinars by industry experts on a variety of topics related to author branding and book marketing. There will also be live pitch sessions with publishers, loads of opportunities to promote and network, and chances to win prizes in giveaways. It's going to be awesome!

Hope to see you there, and remember, you can get more out of the event by joining the conversation using the hashtag #PD15 to talk to the people who will also be attending, even before the event starts.

Register now for #PD15 at www.PromoDay.info. A whole day dedicated to promoting, networking, and learning. It's completely free too!


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