How Writing Has Inspired Those Around Me

How Writing Has Inspired Those Around Me, guest post by Lawrence Elliot,

Writing has inspired many people around me. Individuals told me that my   book, “Practical Proverbs for Everyday Living” has motivated them to increase their teachings of fundamental life principles to their children. Parents said that the proverbs should be taught in the schools, to help build a good foundation in children.

There was a particular individual who is the President of a large company, whom I presented a copy of my book. This individual was fascinated because it was a picture of a lighthouse on the cover. He told me to look around his office and as I glanced around his office; I noticed various pictures of lighthouses and even a miniature light house. He said that the lighthouse is his company’s symbol. He stated that he studies the meaning of a lighthouse, so that he can learn its purposes. I also listen attentively to his conversations with me over the years, thus I was able to write an autograph that exactly suited his passion in life. Those comments I wrote caused him to be ecstatic. He responded by saying, how did you know what is my passion. I replied, I listen to your conversations over the years. This is a prime example of how people are inspired by one’s writings. He told me that I touched his life in a tremendous way that day. If I had not written the book, that inspirational moment would have never occurred.
When writing an inspirational, motivational, uplifting book etcetera, the author should be aware of several key points that ought to be utilized. A key point is to be real. If you are not real in your writings, people will see straight through the façade, and then your work will become discredited. You have to genuinely believe that what you are writing is true and would help individuals to become better. Your sincerity shows up in your writing. The reader has to believe in what you are saying. If you are not passionate about it, how can you ignite the passion in others. Real people, produce real results.

Another key factor is to stay emotionally connected to your story. Your energy is transferable. The emotion that you release on paper, transfers to the mind of the reader. If the author displays a strong or angry emotion, then that feeling may turn the reader off. If your goal is to inspire your readers, then you have to balance truth with love. A proper mixture of truth and love produces inspiration.
Another characteristic is to be respectful in your writings. When you show a person disrespect, it means that you misunderstand their value. Every human being on this planet is valuable. Some may not be aware of their value; however, they are still valuable. You can never motivate someone if they do not respect you. An Author can be absolute in his writings, but still   be respectful. Remember the goal is for the reader’s mind to be motivated, not deflated.
Another key component is to be solution oriented. My mantra is, “For every problem, there is a solution”. Once you get your readers to be solution driven, then it becomes easy for them to grow. When an author seeks to inspire his or her reader’s, he must introduce them to the concept of “What a person consistently thinks about, he actually becomes”. The ultimate foundation of inspiration and motivation is how you think. Finally, give your readers hope, to realize that life can become better. Give them the inspiration to realize that once the information is applied, upward mobility is inevitable.

There was a gentleman who told me that he started to read my book. As he began to read the first proverb in the book, he stopped, pondered, and closed the book. I was curious as to why this was done. The first proverb is   “A fool is one who becomes aware of God’s plan for his life, but rejects the assignment”. I found out from him the reason he closed the book before moving on, was to stop and think of his purpose for being on earth. He shared with me that this proverb inspired him to act on his assignment and it taught him the difference between knowing the assignment and actually living it. This inspiration became possible because of my sincere passion to transform lives. When an author inspires his readers, it releases inspiration into the atmosphere to encourage others as well. We are all interconnected. Whatever we do individually, effects us collectively. I admonish authors to write uplifting books, so the world can become a better place. Be greatly inspired and abundantly blessed.

How Writing Has Inspired Those Around Me, guest post by Lawrence Elliot,
Lawrence Elliott was born in one of the beautiful islands of the Bahamas called New Providence. He is married to a lovely lady named Deborah. His passion is to teach the laws of life in a practical way. Presently, he volunteers teaching junior high school boys the word of God, in a group called the Christian Boys Movement. Additionally, Mr. Elliott volunteered teaching ‘at risk’ high school boys, the principles of life at a special institute designed for them.


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