New Twitter Features (and How Authors Can Use Them)

Around this time of year all the social media platforms tend to roll out new features. This year is no different. Here's what's happening over on Twitter... 

New Twitter Features (and How Authors Can Use Them)

Twitter strikes deal with Google

Twitter has a new deal with Google where tweets will start to be visible in Google search results. This is huge! You can find a great article about why this is such good news here. It has some great tips for how to optimize your Twitter experience and get better results both on Twitter and Google.

How authors can use this to their advantage:

1) Kind of obvious but the first advantage is you show up in Google search more. Both Twitter and Google love fresh content.

2) You can build your author brand around your keywords and make yourself as an expert in your niche. When people search for your keywords, your Tweets will show up in the results.

3) It should make you think more about what you Tweet about. By staying "on topic" you'll improve your Google ranking for the content you want to be known for. More focus to your social media marketing plan is never a bad thing ;)

Group Direct Messages

Another new feature is Group Direct Messages. You can find out more about this new feature in this article.

On Twitter you can send a Direct Message. This is a private message between you and another Tweeter. With the new groups feature you can have a private conversation with up to 20 users. 

How authors can use this to their advantage:

1) Sometimes you don't want to blast everything to everyone. Want to ask people to host you on your virtual book tour, but don't want to spam your Twitter feed with requests? Send a Group Direct Message to your top supporters instead. You can ask them to help you spread the word without coming across as desperate for the general public.

2) Build stronger connections with your top fans. If you were a fan of someone and they invited you to a private conversation with them you'd feel pretty special right? You could even work out some kind of contest to pick which fans get to be in the group conversation with you.

3) You could do private Q&A sessions with book clubs. 

4) Build relationships with fellow authors. Why not set up a group of author buddies. You can all support each other. There's strength in numbers ;) 

What do you think of these new features? Any ideas for ways authors can use them?


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