How To Make a Media Kit for Your Book

How To Make a Media Kit for Your Book @Writers_Authors

Post updated February 2017

A media kit is one of the most useful, and powerful, tools you can make to go with your book. It puts all the information about your book all in the one file. This is both good for you (as you have everything in the one place and so won't need to waste time searching for things) and for bloggers and other members of the media.

Your media kit should be in word format. You may also want to make a pdf version available, or make an online version to post to a page on your website. It's always good to give people options so they can pick which one works best for them, so you might want to do all three ;)

What should you put in your media kit?

Here's a run down of some items you should consider including in the media kit for your book:

1) Your book cover art. Make sure that if you insert the cover art as an image, that you also add the direct url to where the image can be found online. 

2) Your book details. Publisher, release date, ISBN/ASIN, number of pages, etc...

3) Your book description. 

4) Your book purchasing links. If you're an Amazon affiliate and use a shortened affiliate link on your blog when linking to your books buy page this is NOT the place to use that link. Bloggers will most likely want to use their own affiliate link when featuring your book so that they earn a few extra cents from any sales. Plus sites like Pinterest don't like shortened links (they tend to get blocked as spam) and so you'd be making it less likely that people would share about your book their too. Include the full url.

5) Your website url.

6) Your blog url.

7) Your other social media links.

8) Your author bio. You may want to include a short version and a longer version so they can pick what works best for them.

9) Your author photo. Again, as with the book cover art image, include the direct url to where the image can be found online.

10) A press release. This could be announcing the launch of your book, your book tour, or have a particular news angle. 

11) A sample interview. This is basically your FAQ's about yourself and your book. This is also a good place to put those questions you wish people would ask you but never do.

12) Reviews of your book. Include a selection of some of the best reviews your book has received.

13) An excerpt from your book.

14) Some pre-written social media posts and click to tweets for easy sharing. The easier you make it, the more likely people are to do it. 

Do you have a media kit for your book? What did you include?


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