Does Your Facebook Author Page Have a Call To Action?

Facebook is always making changes. Yes I know some of them result in many people pulling their hair out and posting about how they are going to leave the social giant (which most of them never actually do). This isn't one of those changes. Facebook have actually added something very useful to pages... a call to action button.

Here you can see the button on the Writers and Authors Facebook page:

Does Your Facebook Author Page Have a Call To Action?

The call to action is to "Shop Now" and clicking on the button takes people to the Writers and Authors bookstore.

So what call to action could you use on your author page?

When it comes to your Facebook author page you have several options

1) "Shop Now" and link to your main book sales page. For example, you could link it to your Amazon author page

2) "Sign up" and link to your newsletter or other subscription service you offer to fans.

3) "Book Now". This would work well for those of you that do book signings, school visits, presentations, etc... 

4) "Contact us". This is a good general one to encourage interaction with fans. 

5) "Watch video". This could be linked to your video book trailer or a special video you've made for fans. 

These are just a few ideas of how you can use this new feature on your Facebook author page.

What call to action are you using on your Facebook author page? 


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