National Readathon Day

Today, 24th January is National Readathon Day (NRD)NRD is a nation-wide marathon reading session on Saturday, January 24 from Noon – 4pm (in respective time zones). The idea is that you share your love of books and support programs that promote reading by pledging to read and fundraising for the National Book Foundation. It's like a walk-a-thon charity drive, but turning pages instead of walking laps ;)

I was recently contacted by the lovely people at Casper and asked about my to-read list for 2015. They came up with a fun idea to promote their beds by connecting with NRD and bloggers across the globe. You can find out more about them here: I liked the idea as I do most of my reading in bed at the end of the day once the kids are asleep in their beds. A comfy reading spot is a must... so are, of course, plenty of good books to read.

This is a few of the books on my to read list for 2015. Some are in print, others in kindle (which I read on my tablet using Amazon's free reading app. I have the app installed on my laptops, tablet, and phone. If you don't have it yet you can grab it here 

A few of the marketing/writing related books on my list:

Just for fun reading:

With my kids:


What's on your 2015 reading list?


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