Excerpt: Unborn Essence by Ashlee North

Title: Unborn Essence
Author: Ashlee North

Book Description:

It is Christmas in New York when a baby is born. Named Christina Elizabeth by her parents, the baby's Essence-her life force and caretaker of her soul-feels the glorious ecstasy of belonging, knowing wholeness, and oneness with its human being now home. Meanwhile, in the same hospital precinct, a baby boy is born. Although he is safe and warm, he will sadly not know the same type of security or peaceful existence, for the boy is unwittingly involved in a tug of war-destined to be hurt and cursed by an Unborn Essence who has attached himself to the baby, determined to use his powers on an unsuspecting mind. Unfortunately as Jonathon Daniel grows older, he creates complete havoc around himself, perplexing his parents and his doctors. But what he does not know is that Christina has begun to dream about him, convinced there is something special about him. Now only time will tell if the two humans will fall in love, with help from several Essences-while the Unborn Essence watches with interest and malice. Unborn Essence shares a fantastical journey into the subconscious and spiritual that opens the mind to new possibilities as Essences work to unite souls on Earth and Unborn Essences seek to destroy them.

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Author Bio

Ashlee North is in her mid thirties and lives on the beautiful Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.

She is a lover of words and music, adores writing and finds the most joy in taking readers on a journey with her stories.

Ashlee’s life has been filled with events, both good and bad, which moulded and changed her and eventually have given her wings to fly.

She has learned from her experiences, found victory over difficulties and discovered lasting love in the process.

Ashlee’s writing always tries to portray the hope that even in the hardest of circumstances there is hope for the future and that love may very well be right around the corner. Coupled with suspense, psychological thrillers, the paranormal, fantasy, murder and intrigue, she writes with a fresh new style which can be enjoyed by all ages.

She has a gorgeous daughter and a supportive husband, both who are the loves of her life.

Ashlee has a career as a writer, but also another; helping disabled young people to live better and more enjoyable lives.

Her own personal journey is inspiring and she pours all of these things into her manuscripts, her care for others, and her love for life.

She lives with passion and gives her all to her endeavours, in the hope that her life, her writing, and her work will make even a small difference to the world.

Ashlee has so far published seven books; ‘Caitlin and the CafĂ© Man’; ‘Because of the Secret’; ‘Wake me up so I can Dream’; ‘Circling Carousels’; ‘The Storm that Brews Within’; ‘The Chronicling of Ilithia’ and ‘Kiss Me, Love Me, Kill Me’. The latest book, ‘Unborn Essence’, is Ashlee’s eighth book and is one of a trilogy called ‘The Essence Legacy’.
You can find all Ashlee North's books at http://ashleenorthauthor.com/


Piercing the void—the nothing, the darkness—a light, glowing soft tones of red—pulsing, insisting—strobed from behind an unobtrusive nothingness, a slit in the fabric of the universe, where more often there was only inky black, millions of miles of it. And in this light, the only brightness there is, is nothing, nothing but impossible-to-tether, uncontainable Essence. It travelled but moved not, it existed but rode the shaft of brilliance without being noticed. Essence in itself looks like the ever-present lack of something, for it cannot be seen, except by its ripple, its almost unseen glow, but it is most certainly there. It is what makes all humans into who they will be. It is the anything which makes them one way or another. It is what we are— We are Essence.
Chapter One
Inside the mind of humanity
Twenty-four people died that I know of, just in our neighborhood, and I can only guess that the others fled with whatever they could carry. I could hear the screams and the shooting, cursing and shouting, all night long, and I dared not venture out from where I hid. I am no coward, I just knew what I was up against.
The townspeople were left wherever they died and one or two prominent leaders were left hanging from their necks in front of the town hall.
Madness seemed to come in waves, taking over the minds and bodies of our very own friends and neighbors. No one could be trusted. Their brains seemed to be controlled—their limbs, an extension of whatever was inside of them—making them behave like crazed, rabid animals on psychological benders.
Fuelled by whatever substance they could get their hands on, the people we once knew became our enemies. Faces we once loved became distorted and evil, and they began their wicked stalking and killing, told what to do by unseen dictators and shockingly violent demands.
We—just a few of us—waited and watched lest they should come for us, but we somehow managed to remain un-found. I still can hear them, although the immediate threat is gone and people are behaving coherently again. I can barely stand the sight of them, for I know what they have only just done, even though they have no memory of it.
The evidence was swept away, but my mind is still defiled by the sights. I will never be able to forget, even though those who performed the dark evil deeds cannot remember.
I am afraid to speak of it, for others do not believe, but there are a small group of us who still do. We know what happened and we know it came from inside their minds. We shall remain diligent, for they shall act again.
We shall wait and worry for inside the subconscious mind of many lies a danger greater than what we have ever seen. It is dormant for now, but we see it rear its ugly head from time to time, all across the city. We are in trouble, all of us, for who knows how many are owned by this lurking thing inside. Who knows when the sleeping giants, inside the minds of thousands, will leap into action and destroy New York, even the whole world?
We must find a way to stop them from taking over each and every one of our thoughts. We must guard our minds, our subconscious and consciousness, our dreams, and our waking moments. It is fair to say “they are out there” but the great fear is that “they are inside.” Beware your mind—there is a demon waiting to awake.



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