The Balance of Good and Evil in a Story

Hi, my name is Treva Hall Melvin.  Although I am not a seasoned writer of fiction (my first published YA novel mystery "Mr. Samuel's Penny", 11/14), I am a seasoned criminal defense attorney and at one time SVU prosecutor.  I've had my fair share of faceing the good and the evil.  But sometimes that division of such is not as black and white as some books of fiction would portray it to be.  I find that I am most interested in stories that detail the layers of life that made the villian as well as the victim before the horrible incident which brought them together.  Any balance that is weighed upon either, has much to do with the thread of the story; what events have taken place that were out of their controll; good or evil, were the roles reversed at one time; was the action of the evil doer in response of the victim/good doer?

I write accordingly to these issues.  There is no fifty-fifty generally for me.  There is always a slant one way or the other as we are humans, and nothing is perfect or balaced.  And this is what keeps us intrigued and striving for that balance as readers and writers. I think that  true balancecomes from  the events/voice of the characters as they blend into the story.  It creates its own equlibrium.  If you read any of Jo Nesbo's books featuring Detective Harry Hole, you'll find that Harry has his own demons and is not so quick to judge, rather he finds himself in the midst of muck because he understands it, he breathes it, and lives it.

Treva Hall Melvin, has been a practicing attorney in all levels of government as a prosecutor and criminal defense attorney. A native New Yorker, she graduated from Villanova Law School in Pennsylvania and now lives in the Philadelphia area with her husband, their two children, and their dog Audrey. She loves athletics and antiquing.



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  1. Thanks so much for introducing us to this author. I'm trying to read more YA mysteries and based on the author's background, this sounds like it might be a good one!


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