Excerpt: Hard Love: The Pleasure and the Pain by William J. Warren

Title: Hard Love: The Pleasure and the Pain
Author: William J. Warren
Genre: Poetry

Book description:
A poetry collection by author William J. Warren 

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Author bio:

William J. Warren resides in Florida and has won several awards throughout the years in honor of his creative writing.


The Break-Up

They say “if you study long you study wrong”
There is no time to waste no time to wait
But I found that it is a “thin line between Love and Hate”
 I disregarded the warning signs and the clues
Damn I’m tired of getting this bad news
I guess karma is saying boy “you paid your dues”
She had me thinking we were coasting
Come to find out she had mixed emotions
Wow that chick had me real open
Did I have some wrong preconceived notions
 Did I move to slow or too fast
Forgive me for even trying to make it last.
Thought you were my everything I would for you do anything
The first time I swallowed my pride
Yet bitterness you did keep inside
The second time I did not know what to do
Still my heart and soul you never knew
 This is it its over and I’m thru
Cause I know that there’s life after you.
For a minute it seems were one
Then suddenly our honeymoon was done
Fussing, fighting, moaning and groaning
Stressing and strifing all day and all night
Guess you couldn’t hide your spots, lies, and stripes
We came a long way and gone so far
But now I’m getting out this damn car
When were together I stayed true
But now I now there is life after you

You really had me going thinking we were going a certain way
I’m just glad it was only 8 months because I’m good today
You didn’t give me no explanation
I guess you still want to play
I guess you forgot about tomorrow as we lay
You did some good but lies wiped that all away
Cant trust, listen, or love you cause I cant believe nothing you say
Don’t have to give me the cold shoulder
I’m gone and I’m glad that its over



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