How to sync your Facebook page to Twitter

As busy writers we're always looking out for ways to save time, especially when it comes to marketing. we don't want to take away too much of our precious writing time but  we also understand that marketing is part of the job.

One way to hit "two birds with one stone" is to sync your Facebook page to your Twitter profile. This means that when you post to your Facebook page it will automatically show up as a tweet on your Twitter feed (with a link back to your Facebook page). This is also a good way to cross promote and gain new Facebook page likes.

So why sync Facebook to Twitter and not the other way round? 

The answer is simple. Because each social media site is different and has different rules and etiquette. On Facebook if you post too often you might find they block your account. On Twitter frequency is a plus point. Also, on Twitter you only have 140 characters for your post whereas on Facebook you can share longer posts. As the tweet with me posted with a link to your Facebook post you don't have to limit your text as much as you would if you were posting directly to Twitter.

How do you sync your Facebook page to your Twitter account?

Go to and you can assign any Facebook Pages that you are admin of to the Twitter account of your choice!



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