Review: Alphabet Wildlife A to Z by Nata Romeo

Title:  Alphabet Wildlife A to Z

Author: Nata Romeo

ISBN: 1496172175

Reviewed by Jo Linsdell

"Alphabet Wildlife A to Z is a beautifully hand-illustrated book where children learn of many different animals that begin with the letters in the alphabet. This book introduces young readers to a variety of animals, many of which are unknown to people."

This is a simple alphabet book with a different animal for each letter of the alphabet. What makes it different from many others I've seen is the amount of detail in the illustrations. The artist is incredibly talented and has a strong, individual style that really stands out. All the pictures were beautiful but the ones with colour have that extra something and grabbed the attention of my kids more than the black and white ones.



  1. Wonderful! I'm so happy this artist/author took the time to make the illustrations special for this age group.


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