Excerpt: That Life by Theresa DeFeyter

Title: That Life

Author: Theresa DeFeyter

Genre: Paranormal MC Romance

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Book description:

Post civil war America is a dangerous place to live, especially if you are a woman. Motorcycle clubs and gangs make the rules where women have no say, even over their own lives and only the strongest get to survive. Sophie, the sole survivor of Rebel Riders MC is left to build a life in a world she has no control over. Ethan, the Lycan shifter VP of the Wolf Pack MC takes her as his own.

Author bio:

I currently live in Northern Michigan with my husband and youngest son.  I also have 4, soon to be 5 grandchildren.  I enjoy working with teens and substitute teach at surrounding middle/high schools. Other than my family my passions are my HD Sportster, Sadie my pitbull and reading/writing. My husband and I use to live in Wyoming and attended Sturgis each year.  I was born and raised in Southeast Missouri, but spent a lot of time in Northern Michigan growing up. 

Book Excerpt:

That afternoon the whole crew rode out.  I kissed Danny good bye and told him to be careful.  I really wasn’t worried.  I trusted Danny; he was the world to me. He would never put us in harms way.  He had always been my rock and I had learned long ago that I could leave the heavy lifting to him.

After the guys left, Me, Gina and Bonnie, the other two wives, decided to make a big dinner for the guys and have it ready when they got home.  Kind of a celebration thing, we all felt pretty good about our guys joining the Pack.  After several hours the other wives decided to walk to the end of the road and wait for the guys. I stayed at the cabins and put the food on.  Gina said she would call when they seen the guys to give me an idea about when they would be here.  The call never came. 

From what I understand the Devils spotted the women waiting for the guys. They easily overtook them and deduced they were waiting for someone.  They didn’t know it was the whole club, but our guys were not expecting to be ambushed.  They really let their guard down when they saw two of their women waiting. Danny kept riding, probably because he knew I was at home waiting.  But it didn’t save him. Danny managed to get away, but not without being severely wounded. He circled around and made it to the clubhouse.

I heard the bike, and hurried outside to greet Danny. When I step outside I knew something was really wrong.  Danny just dropped his bike.  I ran to him and that when I seen the blood. It was everywhere and Danny was hurt, he was having trouble remaining upright or even walking. “Hurry Sophie get to the tree in case they followed me.”He barked.
He was leaning on me heavily; I was struggling under his weight and began pulling him towards the tunnel entrance hidden inside the barn.  Danny was not a little man, and he was never sick or weak.  I was trying so hard to hold it together, keep the pure fear from consuming me. Tears ran down my face. I could tell he was having trouble breathing, there was so much blood.  His face had taken on a grey tinge and he stumbled frequently.  My husband was the strongest man I had ever known.  He was kind and trustworthy; in all our married life I had never doubted him.  I feared for him now.  I begged him to let me take him to find a doctor.  He insisted we get in the tree.  I prayed that he knew it wasn’t bad enough for a doctor. 

I was barely able to get him up the tree; he stumbled over to the bed and managed to land on his back.  I started peeling clothes off of him. I wanted to scream his chest was a mess, several small caliber bullet wounds were puckered and angry looking as blood pouring out of each of them.  I grabbed towels and tried to stop the bleeding.  But they were soaking up so fast.
I knew very little about how to handle this.  When the kids were little Danny always handled the big ones.  I was not fond of blood.  That’s when I knew he would never make it to a doctor, and I had no idea where even to find one. 
“Danny this is bad, please baby we need help.” I wailed.

Danny grabbed my arm “Listen to me baby; get me some paper and a pen”.
I hurried to do as he asked.  He struggled to write the letter than he gave it to me,
“Put this in an envelope go to The Wolf Pack MC, tell them what happened”, his voice wasn’t more than a whisper.  I knew I was losing him.

“Give them this and ask them to protect you.  Don’t stay by yourself, don’t go to town alone.”

 I argued with him, “No baby don’t you leave me!” in a tear soaked voice.

“Remember I love you....I’ll be waiting”.....His eyes closed and I heard what I assume was his last breath before he went completely still.  It got so quiet......not even the birds made a sound. I pulled his body to my chest and I held him there....rocking him as tears poured down my face.  I didn’t notice it getting dark or the change in tempature. I just kept rocking him, smoothing his hair and talking to him.  Eventually I fell asleep holding his body close. 

When I woke the next afternoon I realized something was wrong right away, Danny was always hot to the touch.  But now he was so cold.  Then the memory of the day before set in and I screamed like a wounded animal......I just kept screaming, tears rolled down my face but I kept screaming until my throat was too sore.  I cleaned Danny’s body and I left to find the rest of my club.

When I got to the ambush site the bodies of my club members were haphazardly lying across the ground.  The Devils hadn’t moved the bodies or their bikes.  All fourteen were there and all were dead.  Gina and Bonnie were gone.  I went down the road and found a large farm truck and a wheel barrow and went back to the site.  I loaded all the bodies and took them back to the club and then went back for the bikes.  I didn’t want there to be any evidence of the massacre. 

I hid the bikes in the barn and got the backhoe that we used to build the basement.  I dug a trench, wrapped each body in a sheet and placed it in the trench.  Then I fangled a way to get Danny out of the tree house and placed him in the trench along side his club.  Then I covered them all up.   I placed rocks with who was were on each site and then dropped where I stood.  I was so tired and so broken. 

I managed to get into the tree house and stayed there for several days.  I just didn’t have the energy to get out of bed.  I didn’t want to wake up.  I wanted Danny.  For weeks Danny is all I thought about.  Survivor guilt is the worst thing.  I thought of ways I could have saved them.  If I had told the girls not to go.  If I had gone with them, I always carried my little S&W 9.  Danny had it modified for me by lighting/shortening the trigger pull.  I was really good with it.  Danny made me practice at least once a week.  We knew he would always protect me, but he never wanted anything to happen to me.  He said he didn’t want to be without me.  He always said he was going first, because I was not leaving him here alone!

I slept all the time, so I could dream and change the outcome of what happened that day.  I barely ate and then only when I had to.  I didn’t want to be here without Danny.  Sometimes I lay on his grave and cried or talked to him.  Sometimes I wailed at him and God for leaving me here alone.  I was truly broken. 

Michigan summers are short and winter set in.  I wasn’t prepared.  I pulled myself up and scrounged together all the supplies I could find, storing what little there was.  I retreated to the tree house and spent the long seven months of winter, only leaving my little nest, to hunt fresh meat or shower and cook in the club house.

 I didn’t keep track of the days.  I didn’t know when it was Thanksgiving, I had nothing to be thankful for and I was still severely pissed at God.  I didn’t notice Christmas or my birthday...As spring rains set in I had to busy myself with fixing leaks in the roof.  They weren’t too bad the guys had built it pretty sound. I began to wonder about the girls, Gina and Bonnie.  I wonder what happen to them.  I hadn’t been near town so I hadn’t heard anything. 

I slipped into town dressed like a boy, it was still cold enough that I could wear my ski mask and no one cared.  I kept to myself and listened.  I came across a couple of teens and traded them some old cigarettes for information.  They thought I was another teenage boy so it didn’t get me caught.  They told me that the Devils had taken over a town south of us and killed anyone who opposed them.  You were either one of them or you were dead. 

They had several women, most were what they called spoils of war.  They killed the men and took their women.  I figured that was where Gina and Bonnie were.  I was also told that a guy called the Butcher claimed responsibility for destroying many of the locals....including the Riders. 

The boys told me where the Devils were held up on the skirts of a little town that use to be called Boyne River.  I drove the back roads, hiked thru the woods and climbed a large tree where I could see the Devil’s club house.  I came prepared to stay for awhile I had no where else to be and all the time in the world to get there.  I watched until I was sure that the girls were there.

After two weeks living in the woods, I had a pretty good idea of how things worked.  I headed back to the club and waited another week.  Then I went back.  Once again dressed like a boy I slipped through the fence out in the back after dark.  I knew where I had seen a woman who resembled Gina.  I slipped up to the back of the building and hid in a dumpster.  It smelled horrible.  It had been emptied the day before and wouldn’t be emptied again for a week.  But it was everything I could do to stay in the damn thing.

When Gina came out to smoke a cigarette I lifted the lid slightly to make sure no one was around and then I climbed out of the dumpster and called Gina’s name.  She was facing away from me, her only response was her back straighten, before she whirled around to face me.  I gripped my gun, thinking she was going to turn on me. 

Tears started rolling down her cheeks, she looked around to make sure no one seen me and then ran to the dumpster she grabbed my hand and squeezed.  Looking up into my face she tried to speak but just kept crying.   We huddled together sharing our grief. Once we both got our composure she began telling me about that day.


I asked about Bonnie.  They had told them that they didn’t know where I was, they said I had left with the guys to do some shopping in town and must have stayed with the Pack, if I wasn’t with the guys. So when the bodies disappeared the Devils thought the Pack collected them.  So they quickly moved on, not wanting to start a war with a club that could hurt them.

The Devil’s gave all new women to the highest rank first.  Once they got done with them they passed them on or they became club whores, anyone could use them. I felt bad for not trying to get them out, but Gina assured me that it wouldn’t have been possible.

Eventually both women had made it down thru the ranks until they were claimed by men they could live with, neither wanted to try to take care of themselves on the run.  They figured they wouldn’t be able to get away or they would hunt them down and it would cost them the little bit of security they had. 

I didn’t mention to Jackson and Ethan that I asked about the Butcher and Gina confirmed that he was responsible for the club attack or any of the details she gave me that I needed to get rid of him.  She said he was called the Butcher for a reason he was a real cruel man. 

They wouldn’t let him touch their women because he was just pure evil.  He had maimed one girl.  She also said that he harassed her regularly, he had been angry that Vader wouldn’t let him have her.  So she had to be careful and not get out where he could get at her.

The fact that the Butcher just up and disappeared one night and was never heard from again was our secret. Only Gina and I knew what happened and only I knew where the body was buried.

The two guys exchanged looks.  




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