Excerpt: Getcha Life!!! by Tyra Jackson & Natalie Hundley

Title: Getcha Life!!!

Author Name: Tyra Jackson & Natalie Hundley 

Genre: Adult Urban Fiction
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Book Description:
What if you were the youngest of five sister’s trying to navigate your way through life’s difficulties without proper guidance and dealing with a dysfunctional family? In this exciting new book, India is the youngest of five sister’s Jasmine, Ava, Jade, and Imani. As she is growing into a more mature young woman, India finds herself struggling to navigating her way through the various pitfalls of life, and at the same time trying to be the best self that she can be. With little trust and disappointments from the men and women in her life, she sets out on a journey to better herself and create stronger relationships, including the ones with her sisters.

India’s life experiences take’s her on a roller coaster of different situations and emotions. She realizes that continually being stuck in dysfunction is not the best way to live. By her using these experiences as lessons she realizes that getting her life together is her true inner growth. Take a interesting journey with India and her sisters as their story unfolds with twists and turns that ends with a surprising revelation.

Author Bio:

Tyra Jackson was born a native of Illinois. She has a BBA in Health Administration and also has been educated in the disciplines of nursing, massage therapy, and aesthetician. She has a passion for the arts and love’s to express her creativity through writing and other creative art forms. Being the positive person that she is, she likes to encourage others to find their passions and work on their own dreams. She is currently working on the sequel to this wonderfully amazing book.

Book Excerpt:

It’s about 3:00 o’clock and I hear the front door close and I am surprised because Milan usually gets home about 5:00 pm. So I yell out, “Milan is that you?” I come out to the living room and Milan looks angry. I say, “Babe what’s wrong with you?”  He says, “Where were you last night India?” I look at him funny and I said, “I told you Milan.” Then all of the sudden out of nowhere Milan slaps me across my face and I stumble a little from the force of his hand. I grab my face and turn back around and look at Milan with a look of shock in my face. I yell out, “Milan!!!?”  He grabs me by my shoulders and said. “Why did you lie to me?” I say, “Milan, your scaring me!” He says, “India where were you?” I begin to cry and Milan says, “When I went to work my co-worker Mike ask me if we were still separated because he seen you coming out of the house next door to him this morning and nobody lives there but this guy name Tyson. 
He is shaking me now and I say, “Milan stop!” He says, “You’re cheating on me now?” I break loose from Milan and start to run towards the room and he grabs my wrist tight. I say, “Milan you’re hurting me, let go!” He backs me into a corner and I look up at him and I can see the anger and hurt in his eyes.
He put both his arms on the wall on each side of me so that I was trapped in his space and he looked at me and says, “India how could you do this to me, to us!” I am crying harder and I say, “Nothing happend Milan, nothing!” I try to inch my way around Milan and act like I was going to sit and talk to him but as soon as I was clear of his hold I ran. I found myself running out of the house down the street and around the corner.
I called Khandie to come and get me as soon as she could and she said she was on her way.  I hid in between two buildings just in case Milan was looking for me while I waited on Khandie.  Then about ten minutes later Khandie was pulling up and I jump right in her car and we pull off. 
I tell Khandie what happened and she says, “India you know you had no business going over Tyson’s house last night, I’m sure Milan feels hurt and betrayed. He had to find out from a co-worker too, he must feel embarrassed.” I say, “I know Khandie but the way I have been feeling lately after all the stuff I been through, I just thought I deserve some happiness, love and passion.” Khandie says to me, “India a one night stand is definitely not love, that is a false sense of love, do you really think that love is you giving up your precious body to a man that knows nothing about you? He can get that from any woman out there in the streets. You are seeking for a man to fix what is broken in you and he can’t do that. It has to be fixed from within you India, you have to love and respect yourself or nobody else will. So please stop searching for external help and do it internally within you.”
I say, “Khandie your right and nobody ever broke it down to me like that and I have four other sisters. Maybe they don’t know how to love themselves that’s why we can’t love and support each other.” Khandie says, “India break that cycle so you can help yourself and your sisters. But the important thing is when you have your kids you can teach them from the beginning how to love and respect themselves first in order to respect others.”  I say, “Thank you Khandie you are a true friend, I just don’t know how to start.”



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