Excerpt from Hurry Home

From the book Hurry Home


A Dad’s Promise
“Hey, baby girl. It’s okay,” I whisper as I pick my angel up out of the crib. “Daddy’s here, and I’m never gonna let anyone hurt you. Shh!” I coo as I sway her in my arms. “You’re okay.” I carry her over to the rocking chair Danika bought for nights like this and slide down into it. She starts to quiet down as I gently rock her back and forth. “Daddy will always be here for you, baby girl. Never forget that. I love you more than anything else in this world.” I kiss her on the head and continue to rock her as she smiles up at me.
That smile is the only thing that has gotten me through this last week. Thoughts of my baby girl and her smile, so much like her mother’s, were what moved me out of that alley that night. I wanted nothing more than to die there, but Emmalyn needed me. I’m the only thing she has left. I have to be there for her. I know it’s that tiny smile that will get me through tomorrow morning. 

Author Bio
Angie is a 17 year old High School Graduate.  She met Mary through Fanfiction and they bonded over their love of books and British TV. She lives in sunny San Diego with her parents and two out of three sisters. She is the third child out of four. She loves God with all her heart and goes to Summit Christian Church! Angie is also a sound technician. She will be going to Dream Center Leadership Study next year.  

Mary is a beautiful 26 year-old woman. She lives in Toledo, Ohio Writing has been her passion since she was in Elementary school. She started by writing plays for her favorite anime, Sailor Moon, and things developed from there. She is an avid reader with too many books to even fit on her bookshelf. Her tastes in music varies, but she is always open to trying new things. She is the second of four children and has a niece and nephew she loves with all her heart.



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