Excerpt: Passion Killer by Yvonne McEvaddy

Title: Passion Killer

Author: Yvonne McEvaddy

Genre: Cosy Mystery

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Book description:

If your ex lover and best friend was accused of killing your boyfriend would you stand up for him? Would your friends stand by you?

     Passion Killer by Yvonne McEvaddy is a story of how unrequited love, jealousy and obsession become dangerous, turning passion to murder. It revolves around a group of friends in a small town in Ireland.  Sylvia arrives home one evening to find her boyfriend, Rick, in a pool of blood. In the course of their investigation, Detectives Barbara Molloy and Mick Naughton question the group of friends and uncover a web of deception. A party the night before the murder left many fingerprints at the scene of the crime. In the tangle of love triangles there are plenty of motives to choose from and few alibis, casting the net of suspicion wide.
     As the story unfolds, the friends discover secrets and lies that test their relationships to the point of breaking. In order to cast suspicion away from one of their best friends, Alex, the group start to suspect a myriad of acquaintances. Will they succeed in finding out who killed Rick before Alex is put away for something he didn't do? Or will they find out that Alex isn't who they thought he was?

Book excerpt

Alex sat up straight in his chair and steepled his hands in front of him as he said, “I won’t be bullied. As my friends and I are doing you a favour by co-operating, I don’t think it’s too much to ask that we not be treated as suspects.”
“It’s Sylvia you’re doing the favour for, not us. Of course it benefits us, but it’s in the interest of Sylvia, and Rick’s family, that this investigation gets underway as soon as possible. I’m merely asking about your feelings towards Sylvia. You’re the one implying that your feelings make you a murder suspect. Now why is that?” Detective Molloy sat back in her chair and said, “Alex, let me clear things up here. I am aware that you and Sylvia have feelings for one another. I want background information on all of Rick and Sylvia’s friendships and relationships, including work related relationships. This is all just a formality to see if something someone says may lead to a clue. I don’t have any suspects at present; therefore I don’t see any reason for any hostility or any solicitor involvement. So will you please just answer my question? I repeat, how did you feel when Sylvia and Rick entered into a serious relationship, knowing there could no longer be a future for the two of you?”
Although Alex felt that he should involve his solicitor he had no wish to be arrested. He suspected that Detective Molloy was bluffing, but didn’t want to take any chances and so
thought that it would be best to just co-operate. He raked his hand through his dark blond hair so that it stood on end. “I just decided it was time to move on. I was happy for Sylvia, a little disappointed for myself, but I knew that if we weren’t meant to be then there was nothing I could do about it,” he said.
Detective Molloy raised her eyebrow and asked, “Wasn’t there?”
“I resent the implication.”
“What implication is that? You disappoint me, Alex; surely Sylvia was worth putting up a fight for. No grand romantic gestures?” Her eyebrows levelled out once more.
“No, I knew the best thing to do was to just let her go.”
“Any regrets about that?” Detective Molloy asked.
“Of course I’ve had plenty of ideas for getting her back and moments of regret about not following through, but she’s seen plenty of my romantic side over the years so I know it wouldn’t have made a difference. Once she made her decision I just had to accept it.” 



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