Must attend free online event for people in the writing industry

As some of you already know, as well as running Writers and Authors, I also organise an annual online event called Promo Day. This years event takes place at on Saturday 31st May and, as always, is completely free to attend and open to everyone.

Promo Day is a great opportunity to learn from experts in the industry, make new connections, and promote your books and services. This years event boasts 16 free presentations. This alone is huge! Normally you'd have to pay big bucks just for one webinar like this. I'm offering you 16 of them totally free! 

During the event there will also be publishers doing live pitch sessions. No need to send out query letters and wait weeks, or even months, for a reply. You get to pitch them right there at Promo Day. Each publisher will be posting an introduction about themselves and what they are looking for in the morning. You can then reserve a time slot with them for your pitch session from the times they post.

As if all that isn't enough, Promo Day also offers loads of opportunities to promote and network, both in the event forums and via social media channels. There will be live interviews, panel discussions, and "pimp my book" sessions throughout the day via Google+ hangouts, Twitter-chats, and Facebook wall chats. There will also be pin it sessions for Pinterest, and other activities to get you putting proven marketing strategies into action. In fact, one of the best things about Promo Day is that it teaches you what to do AND gets you doing it. So often people read articles or watch presentations, sometimes even taking notes, and then do nothing. All their good intentions get put aside and forgotten. At Promo Day you get to put them into action straight away.

The event is attended by authors, freelance writers, publishers, bloggers, radio hosts, PR companies, book cover designers, illustrators, editors, and more... making it the perfect place to build your network and make new connections.

This years event is sponsored by PDMI Publishing, Book Goodies, and Sandy Lender Ink, Inc.

Register at by clicking the "Register Now" tab in the navigation bar. It's completely free and will only take a minute.

If you can't be at your computer on Saturday 31st May you can still take part. The forums are mobile friendly so you can log in using your smartphone or tablet.



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