20 Tips for Your Facebook Business Page

You might be looking at the word "Business" in the title of today's post and wondering why it's relevant for writers. Well, you are a brand and writing is your business. If you want to hit the big time you need to start thinking of your writing career from a business point of view.

Most of you probably have a Facebook page by now, either one for your author brand or for your book. Some of you will have more than one. Are you leveraging it/them though?

This infographic by lyubcho.com has 20 tips for your Facebook business page and should help put you in the right direction:

We are Social Media - Infographic

How many Facebook pages do you have related to your writing career? Are you using all 20 points covered above? 



  1. Nice infographic. While I agree with all of those, I especially have to nod my head on not posting too much on a single day. I guess you have to clarify that it’s not the same as being persistent. Just because you want to give your followers constant information doesn’t mean you have to update them every hour. It’s a major turn-off and guarantee to lose you followers.

    Clwyd Probert


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