Beware of where you share

When I was a new writer and trying to learn the industry.I joined a web group for critiquing. You review so many for points for members to review yours. I got a very bad review on my first story and was accused of plagiarism. This is when I found out the reviewer hadn't even read my story. The other authors work had no comparison what so ever to mine. Different genre,setting,time period, Style and story line. I wrote it off as a lesson learned and left the group. 

Several years later, I was querying Agents and Publishers for a New Horror Novel. After over 100 letters sent and only form replies in return, I started questioning why. This is taboo but I had to know. 

I finally found an agent that answered my inquiry and was told that she had an interest my manuscript, but when she searched my name to see what my platform was like (one of the first things they do), the top hit on Google was a bad review that accused me of plagiarism. I had thought that when you joined a group that things stayed within the group. All I can say is posters beware. I had to prove to the group Administrators and the search engines that it was a frivolous review to have it removed... but the damage was done.

By Cindy Sprigg. 

I am an author of many things. I write what my mind forces me to, which does not follow any particular genre. This could be a science fiction, a fantasy, horror, mystery,Gothic romance or just straight fiction. My writing can range from short story to novella to a full length novel. I mostly deal with an adult audience, but have been known to put out the odd kids book and a few verses of poetry along the way. I both write and illustrate. But I am best known for endings with a twist!

I am an avid collector of things of many cultures, African, Oriental, Native and many things of nature, such as stones, fossils, butterflies, starfish and shells.

I have trained in Horticulture and Interior Design and have owned and run many businesses in ponds and gardens, stained glass and antique repair and refinishing.


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  1. Yikes, that is terrible!! Wow - thank you for sharing your story. Good to know!


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