Review: Jilly: Loves to Pretend

Author: Kathy Mashburn

Reviewed by Jo Linsdell

This book is about Jilly! She's a fun little girl who likes to play pretend. Join her in a game of imagination as she pretends to be many things until finally she discovers what she likes to be the best. Can you guess what it is?  
Jilly is a beautifully illustrated children's book suited for ages 2-8.

A fun story about a young girl who likes to play pretend. 

My 6 year old often talks about what it would be like to be certain people/ do certain jobs etc so this book was easy to relate to. I liked that the end message was about being yourself too. Whilst it's good to encourage imagination and get kids thinking about what if's it's also important that they realise being themselves is something special too. 



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