Review: How to Get a Truckload of Reviews on

Title: How to Get a Truckload of Reviews on
Author: Penny Sansevieri  

Reviewed by Jo Linsdell

How would you like to double or triple the book reviews you get for your book? Then you must read this book now. 

From how to pitch reviewers to finding the top reviewers, this book covers it all. 

*How to find the top Amazon reviewers and pitch them
*Secrets to finding more book bloggers to review your book 
*How to triple and in some cases quadruple the amount of reviews you get
*The secret tool you can include in your book to get hundreds of reader reviews 
*How to craft the perfect rejection-proof review pitch
*Get more reviews on Goodreads, too (and why it matters to your Amazon page!)
*How reviews can increase your book sales
*Do review incentives increase your chances of getting reviewed?
*Gifting eBooks: why it can help you get more traction on and how to do it smartly
...Includes hundreds of bonus resources!
BONUS: Free listings to book bloggers, fiction bloggers, and romance bloggers! 
DOUBLE BONUS: Includes a special discount coupon for a Publisher’s Weekly mention or review!

Penny has done it again! Good tips and ideas for getting more reviews. It's not just about Amazon either. As Goodreads became part of the Amazon family last year there's also some info about ways to get more reviews through Goodreads too. A useful resource for all authors.



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