Review: 50 Freebies for Frugal Writers (The Write Tools)

Title: 50 Freebies for Frugal Writers (The Write Tools)
Author: Sheryl Jacobs

Reviewed by Jo Linsdell

In 50 FREEBIES FOR FRUGAL WRITERS, you will find 50 free writing resources, including: 
* Free writing software
* Free writing eBooks and reports
* Free MP3s and sound recordings
* Free videos on the craft of writing 
You’ve probably stumbled across a few freebies for writers yourself (some more useful than others). But why search high and low for the freebie you want when 50 FREEBIES FOR FRUGAL WRITERS gives you 50 freebies for writers all in one place. In fact, you’ll find freebies in this book you didn’t even know you needed. Freebies that will help you to: 
* Learn more about the writing craft, and improve your writing skills.
* Learn more about the writing business, especially if you want to make a living as a writer.
* Organize the research for your writing projects.
* Plot your short stories and novels.
* Outline your nonfiction books and articles.
* Get rid of distractions so you can focus more on writing.
* Create a work environment that will make you more creative and productive.
* Take some of the stress out of being a writer. 

50 Freebies for Frugal Writers (The Write Tools) is a good collection of free resources for writers. It was well organised and a quick read. 



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