How to Rock Social Media

When it comes to social media it seems that everyone has ideas about how to make it work. So what is the secret to rocking social media? 

A while back I saw loads of posts telling us that photo's get the most engagement on Facebook. Whilst images can be great and stand out nicely in the newsfeed, it's not true that they get more engagement than other types of posts... well not for everyone anyway. Each of us is different and so are the people following us. What works for one might not work for another. In fact, I often find on my Jo Linsdell page that my text only posts get more comments than one's with images. On the Writers and Authors page, images are often most popular.

When it comes to Twitter I have to agree with most of the advice out there though. Hashtags make a big difference. Retweeting others content and joining in conversations using @ mentions makes a difference. Asking your followers to RT your tweets makes a difference (as long as you don't do it too often).

I found this infographic by the team at Social Caffeine and whilst I've just explained that successful posts vary from person to person they offer some nice ideas that you might want to try out so you can find your perfect posting style and strategies. I also liked that they pointed out adding "books" on Pinterest gets more pins ;)

Guía sencilla y rápida para rockear en las redes sociales - Infografia

I love reading other peoples tips and ideas for increasing reach and getting more engagement as it always gives me inspiration for new types of content to try out on my followers. For me, what it comes down to though is being you. Be social, be creative, be YOU, and you'll be rocking social media before you know it. Experiment with different posting types and find out what works best for YOUR audience.

... and have fun with it!

What types of posts work best for you? Do you find that different types of content work best on certain platforms e.g. images on Facebook, links on Twitter, etc... leave a comment below and share your experience.



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