How to Build Your Brand Online

Your brand is YOU. Yes you. If you want to be a professional writer, and not just play around as a hobby, then you need to think about yourself as a business and not just an individual.

Building a strong author brand can help set you apart from the sea of competition out there and make you a recognised expert in your niche. It will also strengthen your bond with your readers and make it easier for your target audience to find you.

This infographic (found at Search Engine Journal but originally published by gives a great summary of how to build your brand online.

Top take-away's:

1) Build awareness and a reputation
2) Get to know your audience
3) Relate to your audience
4) Have your own personality
5) Be consistent
6) Target your energy in a few key places
7) Collaborate with others
8) Have name recognition
9) Use the same visual branding on your website, blog, social media channels.
10) Have a website

What are you doing to build your author brand?



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