Boost Your Online Presence With Explainer Videos

If you write non-fiction then you're probably already aware of the impact explainer video's can have in helping to build your author brand. They can be very effective for fiction writers too though. If you've added "do more video content" to your list of new year resolutions (which I hope is on most of your lists) then explainer video's should be amongst your ideas when brainstorming what content you're going to be putting out.

Below is a nice infographic by the people at that sums up what explainer video's are and best practices for using them. Whilst it's designed for a more general market, the points covered can easily be related to writers. 

As you can see, explainer video's are designed to quickly deliver a message and can be a very effective way to build engagement with your audience. 

So, what kind of explainer video's could you do to help build your author brand and make yourself stand out as an expert in your niche? Pretty much anything that shows you're an expert in your field. You could talk about the pro's and con's of self publishing or share insight about plotting. Get creative and I'm sure you'll come up with plenty of ideas for things to explain that will be of interest to your audience and that will strengthen your author brand.

Have you already done some explainer video's? Share the link in the comments section so we can all go and check them out for inspiration ;)



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