The Top 10 Things You Can Do to Sell More Books

This infographic gives a good run down of things you can do to help you sell more books. Check out the post at for a more detailed look at each point. The author, John Kremer, shares some good ideas and you'll want to put into practice in the new year.

Infographic: The Top 10 Things You Can Do to Sell More Books

Anything else you think should be added to this list?



  1. Thanks for this helpful list. Paul Savoie and I need a list like this to get on track. It makes it all seem do-able.

    Paul and I are about to publish our novel, Sexual Mercy - yes, a novel written by two authors. He's published more than twenty books in Canada, last year winning the Trilliam Award for a second time, with Alice Munro who went on to win the Nobel Prize a few weeks later. Yet he didn't even know his books are available on Amazon, without the cover art. I'm a little better but not much. At least I have an author's website ( We vow to follow your sage advice, and get serious about marketing our work.

    We both really appreciate the generosity of writers like you who share your wisdom, courage, and experience -- as well as your writing!

    Roberta Morris

  2. Writing is difficult but when writing finish selling book is also difficult. But now you solve the problems of lots of people with your post.

  3. Consider self publishing with a service like
    It's affordable and the best way to create buzz and exude professionalism to the public.

    1. Be sure to carefully research all your options--publicity and otherwise. Hear pros and cons of self-publishing, vanity/indie/"self-" publishing, and traditional publishing (and understand the difference) before you pick a route that might not be the best for you.


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