Christmas Wish List: Romance Reads

Today's Christmas Wish List is for Romance reads. Here's a few ideas for books from the romance genre:

He had great hopes of becoming a legend...

Geoffrey de Servian showed excellent promise of becoming a first-rate knight until one day he falls off a horse, leaving him physically and mentally broken. His ambition of becoming a celebrated knight is shattered, and he is left a shadow of the man he once was. But the fall was not an accident as everyone implies, and he sets out to find the culprit that dared to ruin his dream. In the meantime, he must find work and shelter, laying low until the opportunity arises, and he can meet his nemesis face to face.

She only wanted to lead a simple life...

Finally, Widow Karina can enjoy a modicum level of success. Her abusive husband is long dead, and her scented candles are slowly starting to sell. Unfortunately life as a female merchant is not easy, especially when the guild master is harassing her. But her fortune turns when an attractive stranger arrives at her door, looking for work. He offers protection from the guild master, and she takes him on. Only there is one problem -- this remarkable stranger is different from any man that she's ever known. And even more dangerous, he threatens to rip apart the steel cage that surrounds her heart, making her yearn for the impossible.

Then just as they are drawn together, the king's daughter appears in town, desperately seeking help. With passion and desire simmering just below the surface, Geoffrey and Karina must put aside their feelings for one another, and serve the princess in their own separate ways. And while Geoffrey possesses the mind and heart of a knight, is it enough to save the princess and win over the woman he loves?

When Julia said I do to her husband three years ago, she thought it would last forever. But when she finds herself in a dead-end marriage and in love with her best friend's boyfriend, she begins to question those relationships and everything she once believed in. As Julia contemplates the biggest decision of her life, will she choose to walk away . . . or will she surrender her fears and let herself fall?

Racing horses and racing hearts; it’s all part of the Stoddard dynasty. Evan Stoddard inherited an age-old farm in the heart of Kentucky horse country. He’s a winner in many respects: along with a winning smile, he is a winner with horses and with love. His best trophy is his beautiful wife, Suzanne. However, his winning ways will be upturned with the arrival of a new horse, War Monger, and a female jockey named Ginger, who sends every man on the farm into a tailspin, and sends Evan's marriage into a downward spiral. 

Tom Christmas is Evan’s trainer and right-hand man. When Ginger lays eyes on Tom, she finds him very much to her liking and hotly pursues him. They gallop headlong into a wild, passionate relationship. Suzanne, however, believes Evan is having an affair with Ginger, and leaves him. Evan desperately needs to find his winning ways again. 

This spell binding and inspiring novel weaves deception, cultures and the intrigue of love for a romantic journey that spans two continents and challenges the cornerstone of faith. When Feranmi's parents decide it's time for their daughter to get married, they have the perfect man for the job. Is being single a crime? Why will her parents not let this rest? When she was ready to get married she'll do the picking. Her parents are coming to the U.S for a visit, so she comes up with the perfect plan to deceive them into believing she is in a committed relationship. Luckily, Alex an old friend, is willing to play the part but on one condition....



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