Christmas Wish List: Festive Books

Want to throw yourself into the holiday season this year? Get in the festive mood this these Christmas reads:

Trying hard to stay awake, on Christmas Eve, a little girl begins to wonder what Santa might bring her--- and just how he gets all around the world to deliver all of those present in one night? Maybe it's not always reindeer. Wouldn't it be cool if he used a rocket, an airplane, or even skis sometimes? Or maybe he gets there different ways each year? While she's waiting to see what Santa puts under the tree for Christmas morning, she starts to dream of how he will cross the miles.....

Freelance journalist, Olanma Obinze, just landed the interview of a lifetime. She didn’t like the commercialism of Christmas, so the trip to Dubai was the perfect destination and it was happening at the perfect time. She’d get to escape the Christmas hoopla; and the big paycheck once the article was sold would ensure she didn't have to go crawling back to her father for money. 

Abayomi Rice was in charge of scheduling interviews for his grandfather, but would only grant Olanma's request if she accepted his ultimatum—a trip half way across the world to Cape Town, South Africa. 

Olanma wasn’t falling for the charm of a recovering playboy and a rich one at that. But with her plans going up in smoke before her eyes, Olanma must decide whether to give in to the ultimatum or leave empty handed. Who said it was the season to be merry?
Unwrap the gifts of tradition from cultures around the globe in this illustrated Christmastime storybook as Daniel discovers what the true meaning of Christmas is all about!

Ideal for ages 6-8, children will be drawn to the read aloud-friendly format and the brightly colored, brushstroke illustrations. Teachers, parents, grandparents, librarians, and catechists will find this book an entertainingly educational way to illuminate the faith which celebrates the birth of Jesus in many ways.

Secret Santa Squirrels is a delightful look at the answer to "Just How does Santa deliver 60,000 presents a second, In 31 hours, without going completely around the bend?" 

The answer? "Well the answer is magic reindeer poo and Santa's little squirrel friends too!" 

Marge Wilson was a happily married woman. She was madly in love with her husband Ted, and they had been blessed with two children, daughter Chris and son Sam. But as happy as Marge and Ted were together, they had a seemingly unsolvable relationship problem with daughter Chris, a maverick of a girl growing up if there ever was one. She was now a young adult who was promiscuous and not ashamed of it. She caused her parents many embarrassing moments, never caring what they thought about her lifestyle. On the other hand, Sam was a bright young man who was forging ahead with a bright future in the technical world of computers.

It was a foggy and rainy night that triggered an event that changed all their lives forever. They suffered a family tragedy that dramatically brought a whole new perspective to each of their lives. Perhaps it was this event that helped start a change for the better with Chris’ lifestyle, or perhaps it was a traumatic health issue that eventually received her attention, or perhaps it was mostly due to the influence of her great friend.

This story takes the reader on a bumpy ride of tragedy, trauma, romance, and intrigue in a foreign country, before the unexpected ending takes you where you weren’t expecting to go. The story will keep you spellbound to the very end.



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