Writing Rules to Live by (and Sometimes Break)

What core habits should writers live by? This infographic gives a nice summary of some of the recommended rules writers should live by. As with a lot of rules though, some are flexible and others can be broken. If you want to be a writer, the only rule you really need to follow is to write. Still, if you're serious about your writing career you might find these suggestions useful.

Writers Rule Book

Do you have rules for yourself as a writer? 



  1. Got to get back to setting 1000 words a day.

  2. The more experienced I become as a writer, the more I realize most of the rules are bunk. Show/tell, adverbs, passive voice, back story, etc. are all tools, and like any skilled tradesman, a writer knows how and when to apply every tool in his/her arsenal, so while I agree with the tiering of this info graphic, I think I'd switch the items in Tier 2 and Tier 3. :-)


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