Finding Ideas for NaNoWriMo


National Novel Writing Month, AKA NaNoWriMo, is almost upon us. Are you ready for the writing frenzy to begin? Got an idea yet? If not, it's not a problem. Sure having at least a rough outline can help but you can write a novel "by the seat of your pants". All you need is an idea to get you started.

Here's a few ways to find ideas:

1) Think characters. Character can create your story. Once you get inside of them, they often take over and show you what needs to happen next. Think about people you know. Do some people watching whilst you're out and about. You'll soon be mentally creating character traits and may even find a story that's worth developing into a novel.

2) Random brainstorming. Sit down and just start doodling down anything that comes into your head. Could be a word, a topic, a place.... anything goes. Once you've scribbled down these random thoughts, for say 10 minutes, read over what you've got. Your sub-conscience might have just given you the perfect idea for both plot and characters.

3) Consider places. Think about where you live. Look around your house. Where would you like to travel to? Remember a past holiday or trip. You might come up with some great settings to include in your novel, which will in turn trigger ideas about the tone of your story and your characters wants. 

4) Read everything. From newspapers and magazines to websites and blogs. Dig through your library. Scan your bookshelves and see which books grab your attention most. A single sentence or quote can spark numerous ideas.

What do you do to find ideas? Will you be doing NaNoWriMo next month? Are you a planner or a panster?



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