2013 Twitter Stats and Hashtags

I think I've mentioned before that I'm a big fan of Jeff Bullas (if you haven't checked out his website yet, go visit now. His posts are great). I'm also a big fan of Twitter, so when I came across his post "60 Sensational Social Media Facts and Statistics on Twitter in 2013"

Each social media platform has it's pro's and con's. For me personally, Twitter is the site where my content gets the most engagement and it's proved great for driving traffic to my website, blogs, guest posts, etc...

This infographic highlights the power of hashtags. It really does have an impact but needs to be done right. One or two per tweet is enough. Don't go over board. Also make the hashtags as specific to your target audience as possible, although using a few of the mainstream ones like #FF can be great for reaching the masses.

sensational social mediafacts and statistics behind Twitter
This infographic is courtesy of  Masters in finance and researched by Merrill Cook.
What hashtags do you tend to use most on Twitter?



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