Why Do Readers Abandon a Book?

As writers we want our readers to finish reading our books and have enjoyed it enough to leave a review and tell others to read it too. Some books never get finished though. What is it about some books that makes a reader abandon them?

Goodreads has put together this infographic that takes a look at the psychology of abandonment. As you can see from the "Goodreads Top Five most Abandoned Books" the fact that a lot of readers never make it to the end doesn't seem to stop them from becoming top sellers. All the books listed are well known and have made it to the top of several best seller lists on an international level.

What is it about a book that makes you put it down or keep turning the pages?



  1. This is so interesting! What makes me abandon a book is no plot/slow, boring. I can't stand books where nothing happens, it just doesn't seem worth it to me. While I do think that characters are important, I think plot is more important. Often, high expectations can be horrible when reading a book because you will almost always be disappointed.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment Alice. I totally agree that having high expectations for a book can often lead to disappointment.


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