What You Need to Know About Guest Blogging

Google's algorithm focuses on improving site quality and building better, more relevant links between sites. Guest blogging is a great way of achieving both. There are however right and wrong ways to do guest blogging.

Guest blogging isn't a advertorial. If the content of the piece reads like an advertisement, that's what it is. An Advertisement. 

Then there's the question of good links. The Penguin 2.0 update defined a good link as one that comes from a high quality site. Your guest post should fit the niche of the site and be "on topic" with the other content being posted there. They also take into account the level of social engagement the site gets, including the number of shares the posts get on sites like Facebook.

So what should your guest post have?

1) It should be original, quality content. 

2) It should fit the niche of the host site.

3) It should have select, relevant links.

4) It should have correct usage of keywords.

Google loves fresh content and, as I mentioned before, it likes posts that are relevant to the topics covered on site. When it comes to links, all of them should be relevant to the content of the post. You also don't want to go over board. This also applies to keywords. Using keywords in your article is good SEO. Using too many can kill your post.

Leveraging your post.

Make sure you leverage your own social media accounts when guest blogging by sharing the link to the post with your connections. You'll want to pay attention to posting practices on the different sites though. Whilst it's fine to post the same link multiple times on Twitter, if you do this excessively on Facebook however you'll soon find that people hide your posts from their newsfeed or stop following you all together.

In conclusion, guest blogging is your chance to reach a new audience by being hosted on someone else's site. Make it count. Your guest post should; deliver value, use good SEO practices, and you should pull your weight in its promotion.

Do you have your own tips for guest blogging? Please share them in the comments section.



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