How To Set Up Your Gravatar

Ever get tired to having to insert your details every time you leave a blog comment? Want your photo to show up next to your post with a link back to your website? Gravatar is what you're looking for. Before we take a look at how to set up your Gravatar let's answer the question that those of you who are not familiar with the term are asking yourselves...

What is a Gravatar?

This is the definition given on the website:

So How do you set one up? It's actually really easy.

1) Go to and sign in using your sign in.
2) Click on modify profile
3) Insert your information in the online form
4) Upload a photo
5) Insert your preferred method on contact
6) Add links to your website and/or blog

Congratulations! You now have your very own Gravatar. 



  1. Thanks, Jo. I've been avoiding setting up my Gravatar account. This will do it!
    JD Holiday

    1. It looks a lot more professional having your image next to your blog comment and automatically links your name on the post to your website. Glad to have helped :)


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