22 Ways to Create Compelling Content

A lot of writers shy away from blogging thinking it will be time consuming and difficult to come up with content ideas. Don't be one of them. Blogging has numerous benefits and coming up with content isn't that hard. 

The beauty of blogging it that it's flexible. You can long or short posts. You can post photo's, infographics, and even embed video's. Share behind the scenes footage about your latest work in progress. Let your readers get to know you better with a question and answer session. Share some of your favourite quotes or some book reviews you've either written or received. Discuss industry news or talk about the publishing process. Let your readers know about events you're taking part in and share announcements about special offers. You can of course also open up your blog to guest posts and have other writers supply you with content to share with your readers. 

Still stuck for ideas? Check out this awesome infographic by the guys at CopyBlogger (designed by Blue Glass).

infographic of 22 Ways to Create Compelling Content When You Don't Have a Clue

Do you have a blog? What kind of content do you post? 



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