The Right Ways & The Wrong Ways to Promote Your Book Online

While it is important to have electronic editions remaining in print, it is essential to also do a primary sales pitch through other avenues such as the social media and blogging. Authors should note that even the best books can’t sell themselves and there is a need for the readers to be sensitized about the book. There are various ways of getting the word out effectively online.
Facebook, Twitter and other social networking
When you begin working on the book, it is time to sign up for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social networking. This will help you to build an audience who has an interest in the book. It is important that authors build a ‘fan page’ for themselves on Facebook and open a twitter account reflecting their name, profession and the specific genre. This will create an advantage in that you will not need to introduce yourself afresh when producing books in future. If you are being published by the traditional publisher, then you should ask about your role in the promotion of the book. When promoting your book through the social media, you should avoid being too spammy. You do not need to spam your fans on Facebook and followers on twitter. Avoid making the only content in the fan page to be about your upcoming book. If the book is about zombies, you should consider posting relevant jokes, links and other important information. You could even post an update about Halloween costumes.

Promoting your book through blogging
The question that runs in the minds of many is what should come first, a book or a blog? Most marketing experts agree that a book should be preceded by a blog. When you are done with your book, you should let your blog spread the word for you. Write about a topic that your fans are passionate about. Ensure that you are always addressing your target audience Contribute to other people’s blog and even ask to be interviewed in various blogs on the topic of your book. To find out if you are basing read, offer freebies and run contests regularly. Ensure that you turn your blog entries into articles. Submit them to appropriate sites and publications. Ensure that your book is on your favorite blogging subject. Do not forget to add information about your book and your contact information on all blogs where you are invited to contribute.

Promoting your book by developing a jump page
Instead of building an entire website or a blog, you can simply create a single jump page. This is a promotional page that pitches the book. There are tons of jump pages which you can reproduce using your own book. Make it easy to read and include testimonials. Testimonials from book reviewers can be very influential. To make it more compelling you can include audio and print testimonials. But even as you reproduce the jump page, ensure that yours is unique in its own way. Like it the case with blogs, you should always include your contact information.

Though it may be challenging to engage in online marketing, it is something that can bear fruits if you are patient enough and do it with the aggressiveness that it deserves.
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