How To: LIVE Twitter Interviews

Twitter interviews are a great way of reaching a large audience and gaining new followers. In today's post I'm going to take you through the how-to of LIVE Twitter Interviews: 

1) Why are you doing the interview? What are your reasons for doing the interview? Knowing your goals will help create focus and make sure you ask/get asked the right questions.

2) It's a good idea to connect before the interview to make sure both interviewer and interviewee are clear on all the details, the goals of the interview (see point #1) and run though how the interview will take place.

3) Decide on a hashtag. You'll use this for all posts during your interview so that people can easily follow the chat.

4) Promote your upcoming interview.

5) Pick a monitoring tool to use for the interview. I personally like because it's clutter free and easy to use. Just log in using your Twitter account, enter your hashtag (in the box at the top of the page) and click "Go"

You now have your chatroom for your interview (share this link so people can follow the interview directly from TweetChat in case they want to cut out the clutter of the Twitter newsfeed). 

All tweets you post from inside the TweetChat room will automatically have your hashtag on them. You can also shorten url's to include in your posts directly when posting.

The newsfeed of all tweets using your hashtag will show below the tweet box. Each tweet in the newsfeed has icons to make it easy to retweet and favourite.

N.B. It's a good idea to remind people during the interview that your doing a LIVE Twitter interview. Something like "This is a Twitter interview with @interviewee and we're about half way thru #YourHastag".

Have you ever done a Twitter interview? Which monitoring tool did you use? Do you have an upcoming Twitter interview to promote? Leave a comment and let us know the details.



  1. Hey Jo -

    Thanks so much for this post. It has really helped clear up my many questions regarding a Twitter Interview. I hope to start incorporating the interviews in the future. Saving this handy dandy post for certain! Here's wishing you a stellar day! ~Janet~

    1. Thanks for dropping by Janet and I'm glad you found it useful. We'll have to organise a Twitter chat sometime (I'm pretty sure we're following each other on there already).


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