8 Secrets of Top Book Marketers

Here are a few of the characteristics that most top book marketers share:

1) They write well

It's not just about a correct use of the English language. Top book marketers also put personality into your writing to make it stand out. They expertly place their hooks and pull you in with their descriptions.

2) They're consistent
One guest post on a blog just isn't going to cut it. The leaders of the pack are constantly creating content and sharing it with the masses. They have a marketing plan and a schedule to make sure their social media presence is constant. They are always on the look out for opportunities to be featured or interviewed and never stop submitting content to sites or queries to be involved in webinars, conferences and other events.

3) They mix it up
They keep things interesting by offering a wide variety of content in a wide variety of formats. Video's, pictures, infographics, interviews, guest posts, features, webinars, radio shows, panel discussions, slideshows, humour, text, free downloads, advice and tips...

4) They have personality.
They aren't afraid to show the real them and embrace what makes them unique. They make people feel like they're connecting with a real person and not just something on the computer screen.

5) They're passionate
Their passion for what they do shows through. You can feel their excitement for a topic when they talk about it. They obviously love what they do and this stimulates their followers to get excited about it too.

6) They provide resources for readers
They understand that it's about their readers, not them. They offer value to those that follow them. By giving a lot of resources they give people a reason to come back time and time again.

7) They connect with peers and help out
They aren't afraid to promote others through linking and commenting on their own blogs. They often collaborate on projects. They will happily share others content and actively join in group discussions. They post comments on others blog posts and offer advice and tips when they can.

8) They're everywhere
If they can't be there in person, they join in online. They are guests on; radio shows, podcasts, Google+ hangouts, blogs, social media chats, webinars, etc...

So what characteristics do you think are important to be a top book marketer?



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