3 Easy Ways to Optimise Your Amazon Listings

Like it or not, Amazon has altered how people buy and sell books. With over 65 million visitors each month, Amazon.com is the largest online retailer in the world.

Amazon has several tools to help sell more books and the really great thing is they're free! 

1) Author Central

Opening an account on Amazon Author central is completely free. You just need to go to http://authorcentral.amazon.com/ and follow the simple set up instructions.

Once you have an account you can correct or change your book description on Amazon, add photo's and an author bio, link to your website and your blogs RSS feed, connect your twitter account so that your tweets show up on your author page, upload video's and set up discussions with readers.

2) Personal profile

Amazon gives you a personal profile (this is related to you as a buyer and not as an author). When you log in to Amazon you will see your name at the top of the page and a link to your profile.

Make sure you upload a photo and include a caption with your tagline. Also add you website url and a brief bio to let people know a bit about what you do and your main areas of interest. 

Now your profile is set up it's a good idea to post reviews of the books you've read to Amazon. Not only will this make your name show up more frequently on the site but it is also good karma.

3) Look Inside the Book

Amazon gives you the option of showing potential customers a sample from your book. Using this feature helps encourage more sales. You can sign up for Look Inside the Book here.
Example of how the Look Inside feature looks on your book page



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