Top Tips on Book Marketing

Today I'm joined by a few of the marketing pro's that will be presenting at this years Promo Day event on Saturday 25th May. Each has dropped by to share a tip on book marketing.

Jessica McHugh
"The ability to create original characters and plots is an amazing talent to have. It’s also a talent that a lot of people have. So what makes you different? What makes you noteworthy enough to win new readers by posting social media updates? No one can discover that but you, but hey, being inventive is your job, right? If you can create characters out of thin air, you can figure out how to use your asessets to grab the internet's attention. Take the time, have confidence, and brainstorm what makes you special--aside from your amazing writing skills. Plus, it never hurts to have fun with your audience. There are too many “I'm drinking lots of coffee and writing a book that you should BUY NOW” updates out there, and they're easy to scroll on by. Use your imagination to make people want to stop, take notice, and share your work with everyone they know." - Jessica Mc Hugh

Virginia Jennings
"Quote pictures, everyone loves them! You see them all over social media. Create some book quote pictures and ask your fans to start sharing them around for you. Help a fellow author friend out by creating a book quote picture for their book too!" - Virginia Jennings

Sandy Lender
"A simple tip authors may forget is to use the name of their product. Strangers on the street don't know the title of your latest book. They'll forget your name by the time they get to the local brick-and-mortar on the corner or to Amazon after a long drive in traffic, so you want to give them as many references as possible. Never say, "I love what my heroine does in my book." Instead, be precise. "I love the way Chariss crinkles her nose in Choices Meant for Gods." When you give an example in an online forum, don't tell the visitors/chatters that your new book was released sooner than you anticipated. Tell them Problems Above Pangaea Moon was released in December, before you expected it to be released. Specifics will stick. "My book" isn't searchable. The actual title is." - Sandy Lender

Linda Randall
"Create a book trailer for YouTube that looks like a mini movie in two minutes. Not only will this help sell "any" product. It will give your fans a piece of your face, voice and an idea of how your characters look when they come to life..." - Linda Randall

These ladies, along with the other fabulous presenters at this years event, have loads more tips for you too. Register now at to take part in this fantastic free event. You'll be glad you did!



  1. Awesome tips ladies! I am VERY excited to check out each of your workshops!

    1. I've had a sneak peek and they are AWESOME! This years presenters are amazing and have so much information and tips to share. It's going to be a great event

  2. Great tips, ladies. Virginia, can you tell me where I can learn to create quote pictures?

    1. You can select a quote from your book and place it over an image using a graphics program (even Paint will do). You can either use an image from your book or find a suitable public domain image. Hope this helps.


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