Social Media Demographics

With so many social media options available it can all feel a bit overwhelming. How do you know which are the best sites to use for your marketing efforts? 

The Pew Research Center has released the results of a comprehensive social media survey, conducted over several years to evaluate which demographics were using social media, and on which platforms. 
Of the online adults surveyed at the end of 2012:
  • 67% use Facebook
  • 20% use LinkedIn
  • 16% use Twitter
  • 15% use Pinterest
  • 13% use Instagram
  • 6% use Tumblr
A huge 71% of women use social media (9% more than men) and the age group that dominates across most sites is young adult (18-29 year olds). The age range 30-49 year olds did show an increase though, going from 73% to 77%.

Source:  DocStoc Premium 

Each social media site attracts a slightly different type of user. 
"You may be able to better target your specific markets by keeping the demographic tendencies of each platform in mind:
  • Pinterest: Significantly more rural residents, women, Caucasians, people with some level of college education and individuals with a middle to higher income
  • Twitter: Significantly more slanted towards the 18-29 demographic, African-Americans and urban residents
  • Instagram: Greater use amongst African-Americans and Hispanics, urban users, 18-29 year olds, and women
  • Facebook: There’s less demographic distinction on Facebook, since it’s already so ubiquitous. However, there are 10% more women than men, and like most networking sites, it is heavily used by the youngest adult age group."

    Are you using the right sites for reaching your target audience?



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