Videos for Social Media Marketing

Video is big news this year and social media is the driving force for online marketing. The combination of the two is therefore an essential part your promotional strategy.

This infographic by Films About Me gives a nice overview of how you can use video content for social media marketing

How are you using video in your marketing efforts?



  1. Social media marketing is a simple way to get going online. The key to the success of your ventures is consistency. Show up regularly and often. Let people know that they can rely on you, your services and advice.

  2. I don't find it exactly simple but there are ways. For example you can buy youtube views now and cheat while getting solid marketing out of it. Great article by the way.

    1. Whilst there are lot so companies around that offer services where you can buy likes and views I think it's best to grow an organic following. A paid view isn't likely to actually watch your content and is even less likely to comment on or share it. A large organic following takes time to build but it's all real people that have a genuine interest in you and your content.
      Not to mention that YouTube are cracking down on "fake" views and so buying into one of these services could actually end up getting you kicked off YouTube altogether.


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