20 Reasons to Switch to Google+

Google+ is gaining popularity at a rapid rate and for some very good reasons. Facebook has recently caused some upset amongst its users with changes to the site and many are jumping ship and moving to Google+. 

Whilst I'm personally a fan of Facebook and have no intention of leaving the social media giant any time soon  I'm also a BIG fan of Google+ (you can find me at +Jo Linsdell). The hangouts feature alone has me sold on it! Free online video conferencing that can be streamed live to YouTube AND it's packed with other features too. You can even share documents during your video chat. Anyway I could write a whole post just about how awesome hangouts are (which I probably will in the near future;)) but this post is about the many reasons why Google+ is worth your time.

This infographic covers 20 reasons why you should switch to Google+

As you can see from the stats Google+ still has a long way to go before it reaches the number of users of Facebook but you can also see that with over 120 Google+ integrations this is one network that is set to dominate the world of social media.

Are you on Google+ yet? Which feature do you like best? How are you using it to promote your writing, build your author brand and connect with your readers?



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