The Art of Getting Retweets

Those of you using Twitter probably already have on your goal list to increase the number of retweets you get for the content you post and if you don't you should. Why? Simple, the more retweets you get, the more viral your content becomes and the more people that will see it.

So how do you go about getting retweets? This infographic from QuickSprout has some great tips for getting more retweets but also highlights that all important retweet etiquette. 

The main points covered:
  • Follow the retweet etiquette
  • Use 71-100 characters for your tweet length
  • Tweet links
  • Use hashtags
  • Ask for retweets
  • Friday is the best day of the week for retweets
  • Don't make your tweets all about you
  • Sharing news will significantly up your chances of a retweet
  • Tweet about Twitter
Visit QuickSprout for a larger image.

What have you found to be the best way to get retweets?



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