Review: Knowing by Laura Dewey

Title: Knowing
Author: Laura Dewey
Publisher: The Story Plant
Genre: Suspense

ISBN: 978-1611880496

Reviewed by Jo Linsdell

"After the life-altering ending in the third Jane Perry thriller, REVELATIONS, Jane Perry takes time off from the job to find the missing part of herself she never knew existed. But her journey is quickly hijacked when a wanted criminal, Harlan Kipple, steals her car. Kipple—accused of the heinous murder of a prostitute in a seedy motel—is on the run and desperate to stay that way. Jane’s personal plans take a back seat as she tracks down her stolen ride and discovers through an unusual source that Kipple may be innocent and is being framed by a nefarious group. When she trails Kipple and confronts him, every belief she ever had about this world and the next is put to the test. 

Kipple, who by his own admission is not the “brightest bulb in the box,” received a heart transplant seventeen months ago. His life changed from the moment he woke up in the recovery room. In fact, he’s not so sure where he ends and his heart takes over. As strange as that sounds to her, Jane cannot deny what she witnesses after spending just two days with Kipple. It becomes clear that nothing is what it appears as Jane is drawn into a deep rabbit hole with dark webs and darker crevices that force her to operate on the other side of the law. With the police hot on Kipple’s tail and a devious faction intent on finding him first, Jane is caught in the middle and realizes that solving this crime could have fatal consequences." 

I've not read any of the other Jane Perry books and Knowing is in fact the 4th book in the JP series. I'm not sure but maybe if I'd read the others first I would have liked this one more.

On the whole a good read and the story had some interesting twists and developments. It has a strong spiritual theme, without being religious, and definitely raises some points that leave you thinking.

This book wasn't what I was expecting from a crime novel as it veered off into the supernatural a bit.

Although in some places I found it a bit slow, if you like conspiracies you might enjoy this one.



  1. Thank you for your honest review. This book, definitely had many elements weaved together. Thank you for sharing.


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