How to Blog Hop

Blog hops are a great way to meet other bloggers and gain followers. Avid bloggers are probably well aware of the benefits of taking part in blog hops but for those of you that are new to the idea here's a run down of what they are and how to take part:

What is a blog hop?

A blog hop is basically a widget that allows bloggers to add their blog to a list. This linky can be used on the host blog or multiple blogs and creates a list of sites to visit.

How to participate

Rules can vary from one hop to another as some hosts require you to put the Blog Hop banner on your post/blog where others have no rules at all.

Basically you just add the link to your blog post to the linky list. 

It's good etiquette to visit other participating blogs and leave a comment. make sure your comment is sincere and not spammy though. Comment on their post and let them know you're following the blog hop. As they are too there is no need to ask them to visit your blog as they will already see your link on the linky list.

How long does a blog hop last?

It depends. Most last one day but some run over a weekend and other can even be a week long.

Now you know all about blog hops and how they work be sure to check back tomorrow for the first ever W&A Blog Hop. The topic is "life as a writer". 



  1. I just read about the upcoming hop on HERE'S THE THING. I'll be back tomorrow to take a look. :)

  2. Thanks for explaining what and how blog hops work! I've always been curious, and even google couldn't tell me enough information this time. :)


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