Review: Diavolino by Steve Emmett

Title: Diavolino
Author: Steve Emmett
Publisher: Etopia Press
ISBN: 13: 9781936751945

Reviewed by Jo Linsdell

The chance to build a dream home on a private island in Italy's most beautiful lake offers architect Tom Lupton the fresh start he's been yearning for. But when he arrives with his family on Diavolino, he finds the terrified locals dead set against his arrival. The island, whose very existence has been shrouded in secrecy for half a millennium, has a dark history that no one cares to remember, and as the locals' opposition to Tom grows, so grows a brooding evil that will lead them to the very doors of hell...

I wasn't completely convinced at the start of this book but the more I read the more I liked it. By the time I got towards the end I couldn't put it down. Once the action started it was fast paced and had me hooked.



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