CWL: White Mountain by Sophie E Tallis

Title: White Mountain
Author: Sophie E Tallis
Genre: Epic Fantasy
ISBN: 9781908208095

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Book blurb:
The Darkling Chronicles begin.

The last wizards in the world are being murdered by a changeling of terrifying strength. The most powerful of them all is nearly drained of all his powers, leaving him a withered and dying husk of a man. Now, he must travel the world, escorted by his ancient friend and last of the dragons, to find this evil and destroy it, saving himself and the fate of all from an enemy intent on cleansing the planet and destroying humanity.

Author bio:
Sophie E Tallis, originally from a sleepy village north of Bristol, currently lives in the Cotswolds with her family and her two enormous white wolves. She has worked as a full-time teacher of young children for the past 14 years, but her first passion has always been for writing stories, which she has done since she was a child. A painter and artist, she divides her time between writing, teaching and her artwork. She loves to go to Dartmoor, stargaze and buy yet more bookcases for her growing library! When asked what her interests are, she usually smiles and replies, "EVERYTHING!"





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