Writing Challenges

Even the best creative minds sometimes run low on fuel and throughout the year many writers go through phrases of writers block. Finding the time to write can also be a barrier that stands in the way of ever finishing a manuscript. November is one month of the year designed to help writers get the job done. It's the chosen month for various creative challenges and therefore the perfect time to finish the year off with a bang.

Just some of the challenges you can take part in:

NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month- although it's now an international event with participants from all across the globe). The aim is to write a 50K word novel in the month of November.

PiBoIdMo (Picture Book Idea Month). The aim is to come up with 30 ideas for picture books during the month of November (one for each day). 

WNFIN (Write Non Fiction in November). There is no word count goal with this one. The aim is to finish a piece of non-fiction work during the month of November.

SkADaMo (Sketch A Day Month). The aim is to draw 30 sketches during the month of November (one for each day). The perfect challenge for illustrators and those working on children's books.

EBookWriMo. The aim is to write a 20K ebook in 30 days (during the month of November).

I'm sure there are numerous others out there too designed for specific genres. The great thing they all have in common is the support network they provide. People taking part in these challenges help motivate each other and cheer each on. It's a great way to network with others in your area of interest and some even have in-person events for networking too. Most have hashtags you can follow on twitter and/or have a Facebook page where participants can get together.

What if you don't reach the goal? If you take part but don't make it to the finish line in time you'll still be closer to finishing your project than you were at the beginning of the month. Only got down 30k? That's a huge chunk of a novel for just 30 days. Only managed 12 ideas for PiBoIdMo? That's perfect for taking part in 12 x 12 (which could lead to 12 finished picture book manuscripts by the end of the 2013).

Are you taking part in a creative challenge this month? Have you completed one of these challenges in the past? 



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