The Rewards of Writing and Becoming Published

A few weeks ago, it was pointed out to me; writers are both creatives and professionals. It is a multipronged classification bearing both rewards and responsibilities.

Writers have the freedom and flexibility to work on their passions, interests, and strengths. There are not a lot of guidelines except to use the imagination and make deadlines. Writing for the purposes of self-fulfillment and entertainment can bring the desired outcome to the work of writing if the only focus is the creative side of the job.

As professionals the responsibilities are greater as well.  Marketing, Both the writing and author, can be taxing and time consuming. Authors are often required to give time and creations away for free; to gain exposure. The benefits of the professionalism are; writers will take themselves more seriously and become more willing to make time and financial investments in their work. They gain the confidence of knowing they have accomplished a goal, and there are other professionals in their arena who take them seriously as well.

Whether we like it or not; publishing helps writers to gain the sense of professionalism necessary to invest both creativity and professional time.   This will motivate a writer to become better as well as offering support to those who aren’t ready to take their writing seriously. It is common for a writer attending a conference, or professional gathering of any kind to face the question. “Have you had anything published?”

Being able to answer this question in the affirmative goes a long way toward connecting with other published authors, editors, publishers and agents.

It is both a benefit and a reward to build personal and professional connections with many talented individuals in the writing world. These connections can inspire the authors and create a network for marketing. The benefits and rewards of writing and being published also affect the level of confidence with which a writer meets his or her next manuscript, short story, or article.

Take yourself seriously and the world can’t help but notice. Reward yourself with a dream come true and then accept the rewards and responsibilities of that dream.

Traci McDonald
Guest post by Traci McDonald. Debut author Traci McDonald has been a writer since she figured out how to make words on a page. Traci wrote for English classes like most people, but she wrote everything else in between. Traci won minor competitions with short stories, poetry and lyrics before becoming visually impaired. That is just a political correct way of saying Traci McDonald is blind. Traci lost her eyesight 17 years ago, but it never stopped her from living life and following her dreams. She has struggled with her health and raising kids, prior to the publication of her first novel. Traci is very excited to see her dream in life coming true. She lives in a small cozy town in the Mojave Desert, less than 150 miles from Las Vegas, Nevada.

Traci McDonald has four other books in the process of becoming published and a whole list of others she plans to write.
The World of Ink Network will be touring author Traci McDonald’s debut romantic suspense, Killing Casanova throughout October and November 2012.

Sometimes not only your heart is blind, which happens to be situation with Cassie Taylor, the heroine in this non-stop suspenseful romantic thriller.
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