Review: Marketing Your Book On Amazon: 21 Things You Can Easily Do For Free To Get More Exposure and Sales

Title: Marketing Your Book On Amazon: 21 Things You Can Easily Do For Free To Get More Exposure and Sales (Book Marketing on a Shoestring Budget)

Author: Shelley Hitz


Publisher: Body and Soul Publishing

Reviewed by Jo Linsdell

This book is a gold-mine of information and resources. Every author, be it newbie or experienced, should have a copy of this book. Easy to follow step by step instructions with screenshots to make everything as simple as possible. Although I already knew about some of the material covered it included some stuff that I'd never considered before too. The extra bonus links included are great too.

What is included in this book:
  1. Know the Anatomy of an Amazon Book Sales Page
  2. Choose the Best Categories For Your Book
  3. Sign Up For Author Central
  4. Add Your Books to Your Author Profile
  5. Change Your Book Categories For Print Books
  6. Change Your Book Categories for Kindle eBooks
  7. Make Sure the Print and Kindle Versions Are Linked
  8. Add Search Keywords To Your Book
  9. Add Tags to Your Book Sales Page
  10. Update Your Author Profile
  11. Post Your Most Powerful Reviews on Your Book Sales Page
  12. Add From the Author to Your Book Sales Page
  13. Create a Compelling Book Description
  14. Update Your Amazon Public Profile
  15. Add Extras Through Shelfari
  16. Get Valuable Sales Data For Print and Kindle Books
  17. Get Customer Reviews For Your Book
  18. Sign Up For The Amazon Associate Program
  19. Digitally Autograph Your Kindle eBooks
  20. Promote Your Book Via Social Media
  21. Promote Your New Book Using KDP Select
Plus a whole bunch of extra bonuses.

If you're looking to succeed on Amazon this book will send you in the right direction.



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